Top 5 Kids Crafts With Soap

Top 5 kids crafts with soap

Kids love crafts. It’s a universal truth. However, the mess the kids make while crafting can be catastrophic. A hearty alternative to crafting with glitter and hazardous materials is crafting with soap. Here are my top five picks for soap crafts to do with kids.

soap cupcakes

1. Soap Cupcakes

Trying to cut carbs? Make a delicious cupcake… out to soap! These cupcakes are adorable and fun treat to create with your kids. View instructions for this project, here.


Shower Jellies DIY

2. Soap Jellies in Fun Shapes

Create squishy, cleaning bars of soap for your little ones. This is the perfect craft to make bath time fun. What’s even cooler about this craft is that it can be personalized to your kids’ favorite characters or animals. Just use an ice cube try in their favorite shape. There is a great tutorial for this on the blog MamaPlusOne, here.

goldfish in a bag soap

3. DIY Goldfish In A Soap Bag

Talk about a cute party favor- these goldfish in a bag  are so adorable and they look lifelike! It’s a great treat for kids who like carnival rides, and it’s a great alternative to live fish. How fun would bath time be when the child wants to get the fish out of the soap. Read the full tutorial here.

shark attack soap

4. Shark Attack Soap

These adorable soaps have so must color and detail. Plus, they can help to open an educational conversation about ocean creatures with your children. See the full tutorial here.

bubble bath play dough

5. Play Dough… For The Bath

The company Lush makes this adorable bath playdough that I’ve heard great things about. Now, you can make your own that helps to clean your kids at the same time. The full tutorial is viewable here.


van der hagen soap

I recently was sent the Van Der Hagen soaps collection. I loved how they left my skin feeling smooth and clean after use. They have several different colors and smells to choose from, so there’s a soap for everyone, including: floral (in pink), free (which is clear and free from scents), fresh (in green), and fruity (in yellow). Because I believe in the quality of these soaps, I think they would be a great option for your soap kid crafts. Shop their collection here.


  1. SO cute!!! My kid is still a baby… but I need to save this for next summer!!! These look like so much fun! And it is so creative.

  2. These ideas are really cute! I love your blog! Will you check out my blog?

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