Holiday Kits That You Actually Need

hard candy holiday kits

It seems like every company comes out with a holiday kit or palette with the intention of raking in extra sales. What I’ve found is that for many companies quality is subpar on these products and not worth the money. However, there are a few companies that stand up among the rest for promoting a great deal that you can’t give up. Money company that I’ve found this to be true for is Hard Candy.

holiday gift set

Hard Candy is a makeup brand that is available as Walmart. They have insanely affordable prices and have some products that I would recommend to family and friends. Their holiday kits are even more affordable than their regular products- making each piece $1 or less.

holiday gift set

The two holiday kits that are available this year are the contour and glow box kit and a lip kit. Each is selling for $9.85. That’s an insane deal, especially when you consider how many lip shades you get in the “Glossing All The Way” Lip Collection. In my opinion these are a great option for anyone looking to start out with makeup, someone who has a lot of makeup lovers to buy for and wants to split up the kit, or someone looking to get some more makeup in their collection.

I had the chance to try out all the products in the Contour and Glow Collection. Here is the information on my favorite products from the collection.

Glamoflage: The glamoflage is a concealer. What I love about this product is that a little bit goes a long way. Unlike many other drugstore concealers, it DOESN’T blend away. Instead, you can build up to the coverage you need.

Glow Powders: The glow powders in this set are a very natural highlight. The kit comes with both a pink and a gold highlight powder: two of my favorites. I enjoy using these on both the eyes and the cheekbones that I am looking to accentuate.

Long Wear Spray: I was very impressed with the misting of this bottle. It allows a very fine mist to cover your face in a way that is refreshing and great for setting your makeup. I have noticed that my makeup lasts longer when I wear this product.

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