Home Update: Before & After

I recently moved across the country. Moving always comes with many headaches – one of them being unique design needs of a new home.

Moving from an apartment with hardwood, beautiful grey-washed floors, to an apartment with ugly light brown carpet made it very apparent that I would be needing to do a refresh with my decorations.

I quickly added:

  • A blanket ladder for storage
  • A fun full-sized rug, with a unique pattern

It doesn’t sound like much, but these two quick changes really helped the space transform from “anyone’s apartment” to a comfy, personalized home. Still, I felt like we needed a piece of artwork.

I’ve been putting off choosing artwork for years. For me, it’s hard to find something that is both meaningful and beautiful. Also, with moving frequently, it’s hard to imagine choose to pack a giant picture frame.

When PhotoWall reached out about a collaboration, I was excited. Taking a look at their website, I instantly fell in love with the wall murals and posters. These products seemed high quality, and I loved the idea of being to add a large piece of artwork to my home. 

Ultimately, I fell in love with the modern design of their posters and the ability to easily pack them up next time I moved. 

I ended up getting this  poster. Not only is it beautiful, but it holds a special place in my heart as it’s the Great Salt Lake, close to where we moved from. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 7.37.09 AM

The shipping was quick, installation was easy, the quality is superb, and I fell in love with how it fit in my space. Look at the difference it made in my living room! 

If you’ve been looking for a piece of artwork that you can invest in, that makes a statement, I highly recommend PhotoWall. 

Graciously, PhotoWall is providing my readers with a 25% off discount code! Just use code “stephaniehanson25” at checkout. This code will expire April 19, 2020.

What room in your home do you want to add artwork too? Tell me in the comments below. 

**Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for my honest opinion.**

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