Easter Sensory Play and How to Color Pinto Beans

Hop into Spring with sensory play!

Let your child practice color matching and explore different texture with is easy activity. You probably already have these items in your home.

Materials needed:

  • -egg carton
  • -small eraser figurines in assorted colors
  • -different color beans
  • -pie pan

How to color pinto beans for sensory play:

  • 1) Buy pinto beans in bulk.
  • 2) Add 1 cup pinto beans to 2 TBS acrylic paint and 3 squirts hand sanitizer to a plastic bag.
  • 3) Shake the bag until the color has distributed all over the beans.
  • 4) Pour onto wax paper and allow to dry over night.

Want more sensory play ideas? Join LetsCreateDIYs Instagram creator space.

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