Challenger Soccer Camps Review

I recently had the opportunity to send my toddler to a Challenger Soccer Camp. As a first time mom, I had a little anxiety about the idea and took note of everything going on. Here’s my honest opinions about the program.

The Coaches – For a group of 12 toddlers, there were two coaches. The soccer coaches were positive, and used fun games that were easy for the toddlers to understand. The first day they were about 5 minutes late, which was a little concerning, but easily made up for it in the fun the kids had. The program gave out shirts and soccer balls, which was great. Both of my son’s coaches were from England, which I loved, because it helped expose him to a new culture.

Skills Learned – This camp was age appropriate and I liked that they used games to teach basic skills – great for a beginner. They played games about pirates and red light/ green light. I thought this was the perfect option for little minds. Each kids was given attention, but not in an embarrassing fashion. In other sports, I have wondered if I could do a better job as a teacher/ coach, but not during this Challenger camp. The teachers were knowledgeable and skilled.

Dealing with Meltdowns/ Tantrums – Toddlers = tantrums. The teachers were very understanding and encouraging for parent interaction. It was a good balance of not feeling like a had to help, but I could if I wanted.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Challenger Soccer Program! If you’d like to register for a Challenger camp, you can do so here.

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