Hi there!

Welcome to my pride and joy, DIY Made Simple! I’ve put a lot of love tears into this site, (if you’ve ever tried to figure out HTML, you know what I’m talking about), and I’m so happy that you’ve decided to stop by.

What’s hilarious is that I used to hate all things crafty! Growing up, my mom was the biggest DIYer ever and every time she tried to get me to help I’d grumble the entire time. (Thanks for putting up with me mom!)

Now that I’m married and have my own place, I’m trying to make my tiny apartment into an adorable  home, on a very tight budget. Naturally, DIY projects are the best way to save money so I had to make myself learn to love them! Through a lot of practice, I’ve developed quite a crafty hand and now I’m sharing all my tips with you.

DIY Made Simple

Me, in the process of resurfacing our kitchen table.

Stop by daily to find my newest yummy recipes, adorable home embellishments and beauty tutorials. (All at a price you can actually afford!)


My husband Brady and me at Yosemite National Park.

Our yellow Lab mix puppy, Oakly.

(When he was tinnier and a whole lot more trouble)


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Blogging Awards:

Winner of the NuMe international affiliates  hair challenge for this style

Featured twice by the international craftgossip.com for my vanity reveal and washabi tape office makeover